International Money Transfer Aggregation

We provide international money transfer operators and fintechs with fast and secure digital payout options for their customers in Africa.

Through our single-API solution we act as a processing hub for international money transfers on behalf of most of the world’s leading money transfer brands in real-time, giving their customers the choice of how they want the transaction to be paid out – onto a mobile wallet, in cash or into a bank account.

Our local customer support teams are there to make the customer experience as seamless as possible, providing personalised advice to those whose mobile wallet transactions are stuck. Common issues include a mobile wallet not being activated for receiving international funds, or outstanding KYC documentation. Our support teams provide local-language, practical advice on how to resolve these issues, ensuring customers are sent on their digitization journey with full knowledge and confidence. This not only improves the customer journey but also improves the transaction success rate for our international money transfer partners and local mobile money providers.

Equally, we understand how important it is for our business partners to be able to provide their customers with competitive exchange rates, and with our local teams and market expertise we are able to provide market-beating rates to our partners. Our growing list of international money transfer operators and African banks and mobile network operators include:

Through our sister brand, BNB Transfer Corp, we also enable customers in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia to send and receive money transfer directly through the BNB CashApp wallet or in cash through an extensive network of agent locations in each market. We act in full compliance with local and international regulations and provide risk monitoring capabilities.