Cross Border Payments

As the need for safe, real-time cross-border payments grows, we support mobile network operators, banks, fintechs, and our agent networks in Africa and beyond.

We have built an agent network across Africa, including mobile networks, banks, fintechs, and small businesses. They are equipped with technology to handle money transfers and cross-border payments for customers.

Payments can be sent to bank accounts worldwide, mobile wallets, or for cash pickup. Through our sister brand, BNB Transfer Corp, customers in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia can send and receive money directly through the BNB CashApp wallet or cash pickup at agent locations.

Our agent distribution network acts as physical points of contact, connecting digital financial technology with users who may not have access to banks or digital platforms. This extensive network reaches diverse markets, including remote or hard-to-access areas. 

Agents receive training on compliance, due diligence, and customer service, and are provided with tools like the “Agent Portal App” tailored to their market. We offer support for customer service, compliance, treasury management, and reimbursement processes. 

Interested in being part of this network?
Here’s what’s in it for you?

Commission-Based Compensation

Earn commission for the services you provide on behalf of Cauridor.


We’ll equip you with technology that enables you to process transactions seamlessly.

Training and Support

We provide training and ongoing support to our agents, ensuring you understand and comply with regulatory requirements.

Alternatively, through our partnership with the leading mobile money networks in Africa, customers can send payments directly from their mobile wallets for payout into bank accounts, mobile wallets and cash pickup anywhere around the world .