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We link the globe with Africa by partnering with top global money transfer firms, mobile networks, banks, and local fintech companies. Our goal is to digitize financial services by equipping these organizations with technology for global digital payments. We are dedicated to helping African customers go digital, ensuring their payments are sent and received instantly. 

International Money Transfer Aggregation

We provide international money transfer operators and fintechs with fast and secure digital payout options for their customers in Africa.

Cross Border Payments

Whether it’s for tuition, paying for imported goods or any range of use cases, there is a growing need for safe, real-time, digitally enabled cross-border payments. We empower mobile network operators, banks, fintechs and our agent networks to serve this need within Africa and to the rest of the world.

Payment Collection

We enable companies around the globe to receive payments from Africa as well as providing African companies with the platform to accept payments on an easy to use, integrated mobile platform.

Bulk Disbursements

We provide you businesses with an end-to-end solution for paying large amounts of people with just one click.

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